Podgy pooches lose over three stone together after being fatshamed by a stranger who said they were ‘abused’ because of their seal-like size.

Podgy pooches have lost over three stone (48lb) together after being FATSHAMED by a stranger who called them ‘abused’ because of their seal-like size.

Rescue hounds Kimmy and Hank, both 14, were so overweight they struggled with basic activities, with him unable to walk more than 0.2 miles and her incapable of scratching herself. 

PICS BY KATE BRINK / CATERS NEWS: Hank at his heaviest. 4st (56lb) – Weight now: 2st 3 (31lb) – thanks to a raw diet and can now take on impressively long walks after previously struggling to survive 0.2 of a mile

Owner Caitlin Brink, 24, originally from Montgomery, Alabama, USA, realised how drastically overweight her beagles were when Kimmy was told she ‘abused’ for being such a size.

She drastically altered their diets, after recognising she was ‘killing them with kindness’, after they continued to gain weight following medical issues and overfeeding.

Catlin switched them from half a cup of dry food a day with treats to a raw diet that consisted of 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% secreting organs.

She believes the podgy pooches spurred each other on to continue losing weight by playing with one another, beckoning one another to go further on walks and more.

Now Kimmy and Hank are a healthy 1st 5 (19lb) and 2st 3 (31lb), from looking like ‘seals’ to a trim twosome, and can take on seven mile walks with ease.

Caitlin, a military photojournalist, said: “I was not educated on animal nutrition or healthy weight, I thought fat was cute.

PICS BY KATE BRINK / CATERS NEWS: Kimmy at her heaviest. She went from 3st 6 (48lb) to a healthy 1st 5 (19lb) after she was fat shamed when a stranger accused the mum Caitlin of animal abuse for having them at such a size

“It was until somebody looked at me and after walking up to my dog said to her, ‘Oh it’s so sad how abuse you are.’

“They were making a snide comment that I was killing me dog with kindness by letting her live at such an obese weight.

“My dogs are my children, that comment opened my eyes and made me realise how morbidly obese my pets were.

“Some people argue that you shouldn’t fat shame a dog, but it was a wake-up call, Kimmy would have eaten herself to death.

“One time when she escaped she ran to every neighbour’s house and ate all the cat food off their porches.

“I started them on a raw diet, where you balance and weigh everything going into their bodies.

“They look like real dogs now rather than being like seals because of their tiny legs and big bodies, they look so much younger and are happier too.

PICS BY KATE BRINK / CATERS NEWS: Collectively Hank and Kimmy have lost over three stone together since switching to a raw food diet – they spurred one another along to lose weight together

“Kimmy definitely spurred on Hank, now they can go on long walks together and play with each other, rather than not having the breath to have fun.

“When Kimmy was overweight she couldn’t jump on the couch and couldn’t scratch herself, now she is able to itch her ear and body with ease.

“She’s like a brand-new dog and has even been mistake for a puppy, despite the fact that she’s actually 14-years-old.

“Hank is my miracle child, through this diet we cleared up all of his skin and yeast infections, we have even been able to ween him off his seizure medication.

“When he was a lot heavier he would only walk 0.2miles to the nearest stop sign and he would be done, now he can easily take on five to seven mile hikes in the woods.”

Kimmy was adopted in 2013, after being found eating trash outside a supermarket and already at a heavy weight.

Caitlin said: “Being in the military, I knew it was good to have an older dog as they are set in their ways, know commands, are house trained and I wanted a pet to fit our lifestyles.

“With Kimmy it was love at first sight, both my husband and I fell in love we her straight away, but when she came back she turned into a terror of sorts.

PICS BY KATE BRINK / CATERS NEWS:  Kimmy was fat shamed in public, which prompted owned Caitlin into action

“She had separation anxiety and would rip up blinds or anything she could, nothing was safe in her wake.”

The beagle was joined by Hank a couple of years later, after he was picked up after being abandoned off a country road and riddled with health problems.

He immediately needed over $4,000 (1.8kGBP) of treatments for skin and aggressive yeast infections, scabs and pneumonia.

Caitlin said: “Hank was half and half, he was sick with very aggressive yeast and skin infections, scabs and had what turned out to be pneumonia.

“In the three weeks he had been at the shelter no one had bother to give him a both, I chose him as he was the only older dog in the shelter.”

Miraculously, since losing weight Hank’s health problems have disappeared and he’s even been able to reduce his anti-seizure medication.

PICS BY KATE BRINK / CATERS NEWS: Kimmy now, she is told she looks like a puppy and has benefitted immensely health wise. She went from 3st 6 (48lb) to a healthy 1st 5 (19lb)

Caitlin added: “Between his seizures, skin infections and obesity, I looked into animal nutrition and was able to find a better diet to help with both of their medical issues.

“I was able to help Hank lose even more weight recently, with him being old I pay a lot of attention to the issues with his joints.”

Last year, Kimmy went blind but due to her slimming companion is there to help her navigate around the family home.

Caitlin added: “Since Kimmy went blind, Hank helps her to walk around the house, he will bark for her if she gets lost she will howl and she will use the sound to come and find him.”

She believes overweight pets are more of a societal problem and that people should reconsider how much they feed their pets.

She added: “My advice to others would be that it’s nothing personal to you as an owner if someone comments that your dog is overweight.

“It’s just time for you to reflect and do right by your dog, it’s not a personal attack on how you raise them.

PICS BY KATE BRINK / CATERS NEWS: Hank at his heaviest

“At first, I took it personally, Kimmy sleeps in my bed, has ten different collars and treats, so I thought she was spoiled not abused.

“But spoiling your dog doesn’t mean giving them a good quality of life, it’s the difference between a dog surviving and letting a dog be a dog.

“Dog health is more important than your ego and it’s very important for us all to fight pet obesity.”


Heaviest weight: 3st 6 (48lb) 

Weight now: 1st 5 (19lb)

Diet before: half a cup of dry food and lots of treats

Diet now: rabbit, beef, venison, trout or pork with bananas, blueberries and vegetables for snacks

Accomplishment: thought to be a puppy rather than actual age of 14-years-old and can scratch her head after previously being unable


Heaviest weight:  4st (56lb)

Weight now: 2st 3 (31lb)

Diet before: half a cup of dry food and lots of treats

Diet now: rabbit, beef, venison, trout or pork with bananas, blueberries and vegetables for snacks

Accomplishment: went from only being able to walk from 0.2miles to between five and seven miles and, skin and yeast infections vanished post weight loss.