Podgy Pooch fights the flab thanks to pet slimming club

A podgy pooch has managed to fight the flab and lose 10cm from his waistline thanks to a PET SLIMMING CLUB.

Dog Fatty Max Jack Russel

Jack Russell, Max, when he was at 2 stone

Jack Russell Max was known for sticking his snout into sweet jars and once weighed two stone – the size of an average three-year old toddler.

Dog Fatty Max Jack Russel

Thanks to a Pet Slimming Club, Max has removed 10cm off his waist

But since the six-year-old started attending the doggy fitness group, he’s managed to drop a fifth of his body weight.

Dog Fatty Max Jack Russel

Podgy pooch, Max, had a habit of scoffing anything he could get his paws on

Owner Emma Harrison, 30, from Hull, said: “He’s been known to put his head in a sweets jar and eat them – wrappers included – so we’ve had to be really careful to keep food away from him!”

Dog Fatty Max Jack Russel

Thanks to a pet fit club run by animal charity PDSA, Max has shed a fifth of his body weight.

Although Emma’s mum Sylvia Harrison, 80, had enjoyed walking with Max since he was a puppy, she developed painful arthritis which meant she increasingly struggled to control her dog’s weight.

When they realised Max was packing too many pounds, her family stepped in to help give him the number of walks he needs to stay fit.

And the greedy dog was banned from having extra treats and biscuits as part of a strictly controlled six-month diet that has helped him slim down.

Emma said: “We ‘re absolutely thrilled at how well Max has done.

“He’s a Jack Russell so needs a lot more exercise than most breeds but my mum’s age meant she just couldn’t give him enough on her own.

“Now we work together as a family to make sure he gets at least six long walks a week.

“My mum has a lot of grandchildren, so we are all pitching in to do our bit.

“You can notice a big difference in Max since he lost the weight .

“He’s got loads more energy and has a spring in his step, he just seems a lot happier in himself.

“The pet fit club has given us the inspiration to help him lose even more weight.

PDSA nurse Helen Darnell helped oversee Max’s diet.

Helen said: “Max looks absolutely amazing since shedding the pounds in pet fit club.

“Emma and Sylvia stuck to the plan completely and it’s wonderful to see him so full of life again.

“He has just a little way to go to reach his ideal weight now.”

Max’s achievement meant he was named runner up in the PDSA Pet Slimmer of the Year competition.

PDSA vet Elaine Pendlebury, who helped to judge the contest said it was important owners kept their pets fit and h e a l t hy.

She said: “Max’s achievement is an amazing success story – proving that it’s never too late to make a positive difference to a pet’s health and lifestyle.

“All of our pet fit club slimmers will have an improved quality of life as a result of their weight loss, and will probably have an increased life expectancy too.”