Plucky rhino wrangler grabs beast by tail – to give it a full ‘health MOT’

These incredible photos show the moment a plucky rhino wrangler subdued an injured beast to give it a full ‘health MOT’ – by grabbing it by the TAIL.

Taken by Rainer Schimpf, 51, on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, the injured rhino was tracked down by a conservation team using a helicopter.


The images show the dangerous mammal being located before a vet fires a tranquilliser dart to anaesthetise it and a team member guides it to the ground by holding it by the tail.

Once safely unconscious, the team can be seen getting to work giving the animal a once over before dressing a suspected gunshot wound and inserting a small tracking microchip into its horn.

PIC BY Rainer Schimpf / CATERS NEWS

Professional photographer Rainer said: “The microchip in the horn lasts for only a certain amount of time so it has to be replaced once a year.

“If poaching takes place then one can trace where the horn is going and who the parties are who have conducted those crimes.”

PIC BY Rainer Schimpf / CATERS NEWS

“The whole process took about 45 minutes.”

The rhino, which lives at an undisclosed location on the Eastern Cape, was shot with a tranquilliser dart.

Rainer added: “It’s quite said that about 2,000 rhinos are poached a year.

PIC BY Rainer Schimpf / CATERS NEWS

“The price of a rhino is equivalent to the gold price so the value of the rhino horn pictured would have been up to $50,000 USD [£38,000].”