Planet of the naps! adorable baby gorilla caught with mouth ag-ape as it lets out almighty yawn

This adorable baby gorilla was caught with its mouth ag-ape as it let out an almighty yawn.

The chilled-out little chap was caught enjoying an incredibly cute yawnfest while leaning back against a wall in Bioparc Valencia, a 10-hectare zoo park in Valencia, Spain.

Dusica Paripovic was visiting the zoo last month when she spotted the ‘expressive’ youngster dozing in his enclosure.

The 32 year old knew as soon as she spotted the laid-back baby ape yawning away that it was a photo opportunity she couldn’t miss.

Dusica, of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said: “Bioparc Valencia is a zoo but it’s the best zoo I’ve ever been to.


“There are no cages. You are separated from the animals by glass, ponds and rocks, and their surrounding is designed to match their natural habitats.

“All the animals enjoy big spaces filled with trees, waterfalls and streams. I love it.

“The baby gorillas are so adorable and expressive. They play with twigs or whatever they can find, they stumble and fall, they playfully wrestle with other gorillas.

“They are one of the most active animals in the zoo, and probably the most expressive. And who can resist a photographing a cute baby animal?

“When you photograph animals, you never know if you are going to get any good photos. They will not stand in the best light for you or give you the best angle.


“But when I saw this baby gorilla yawning, I knew there had to be at least one good photo there. I was excited.”

After seven years in photography, Dusica says animals are her favourite subjects to take pictures of – in particular her pet cat.

To pursue her love of nature and wildlife photography, Dusica plans to travel to Iceland, the Philippines, Mauritius, South Africa and Gabon in the future.

Dusica said: “Animals are my favourite subject to photograph – it’s challenging and fun. They are unpredictable, fast, can’t be posed and there’s no need for retouching.

“I enjoy being around animals and I don’t need to spend hours in Photoshop like I do with people photography.

“Animals are never in a hurry, there’s nothing that they have to do and they don’t worry about anything. It reminds me that I should just relax and enjoy the moment.

“A monkey sanctuary in Ghana was my favourite place I’ve visited for wildlife photography.


“The monkeys are free, well-fed and well-treated. They have their forest but when they see tourists with bananas, they will approach so they can be photographed easily.

“My favourite animal to photograph is my cat. But my favourite wild animals are monkeys, lions and tigers.”