Pictures show ‘gentle giant’ sea cow relaxing underwater in hilarious pose

These wonderful images show one of nature’s gentle giant’s in all its glory – relaxing underwater in a hilarious pose.

Captured by scuba diver and photographer Tanakit Suwanyangyaun in Coron, off the coast of the Philippines, the images show a close encounter between a group of divers and a manatee, otherwise known as a ‘sea cow’.

Pic by YamMo/Caters News

Much like cows on land, sea cows graze peacefully on plants and this one seemed eager to chill on its side after a heavy meal.

Pic by YamMo/Caters News

The light-hearted photo set, taken in May, shows the sea cow gracefully passing above, as well as beside the divers.

Tanakit said: “Underwater this amazing animal is normally really shy. But this is the special friendly one.

Pic by YamMo/Caters News

“It is really special to be with this amazing creature. You cannot find any other animal like this in the world.”