Photos show stunning rainbow ants scurrying across the forest floor

Stunning photos show ants as you’ve never seen them before.

Captured on the forest floor of the Costa Rican rainforest, the images show a group of ants delicately carrying small petals of coloured flowers.

PIC FROM Bence Mate / Caters News

Scurrying past a nearby pool of water, the reflection of the ants creates a captivating “rainbow” effect.

Bence Máté, 33, who took the photos said that the ants were “wonderful subjects”.

PIC FROM Bence Mate / Caters News

“I discovered that they were most active at night, so I followed a column as it fanned out into the forest. Each line terminated at a tree, shrub or bush,” he said.

“The variation in size of the pieces they cut was fascinating – sometimes small ants seemed to carry huge bits, bigger ones just small pieces.

PIC FROM Bence Mate / Caters News

“I love the contrast between the simplicity of the shot and the complexity of the behaviour.”