Photographer reveals stunning new shark breach gallery – as scientists reveal jumps will become a rare sight in future

A photographer has revealed a stunning never-before-seen gallery of his best shark breach snaps – as scientists have revealed the jumps will become a rare sight in future.

These incredible pictures show mighty Great White Sharks flying above the water before upcoming attacks as they target seals to hunt.

Pic by David Baz Jenkins/Caters News

And experts said footage of the large animals propelling themselves from the waves may be even rarer in the future since the number of sharks in the area keeps decreasing – partly due to the rise of orcas in the oceanic food chain.

David ‘Baz’ Jenkins , 46, from Dublin , Ireland, is a wildlife photographer and has captured the images over the past ten years in False Bay, Capetown, South Africa.

David said: “A flying great white shark is really one of the most incredible sights to behold, an amazing show of power, speed and agility.

“When I first saw a shark breach I was hooked and knew I had to try and see this for myself.

“What makes this type of shooting so difficult, are the six moving elements to deal with – ocean, shark, seal, camera, boat and me.

“The only near miss I have had was when a Great white breached beside the boat and its head landed on the boat about 12 inches from my head.”

David has photographed various sharks in South Africa, Guadalupe, Mexico and Australia – a planet earth tv series was what moved him in the first place.

He claims he has never felt scared of them and he thinks they are misunderstood creatures.

But David said these images might be a rare sight in the future as there has been evidence that orcas hunt the sharks in that area – which in combination with overfishing decreases the amount of prey for them to feed on, makes the number of sharks go down.

The 46-year-old added: “I got my first chance to really see a shark up close and it was nothing like I had expected or had heard about growing up as part of the “Jaws” fearing generation.

“Various sharks were curious and would come and go from the cage with never any hint of aggression.

“In fact they reminded me more of dolphins!

“There is so much that we don’t know about the ocean.

“It is so important that we do all we can to protect it and the species that call it home.”