Photographer catches warthogs in perfect line formation

These epic photographs show a mother warthog leading her piglets away from a potential leopard attack – in perfect formation.

Photographer and safari outfitter Nimit Verdi, 31, snapped the photographs during a wildlife tour he was hosting in the Savannah wilderness of southwestern Kenya.

Pic from Nimit Virdi/Caters News

Nimit said: “The mother Warthog had to lead her piglets away from where they were.

“The leopard had just entered a nearby bush, so the warthogs had to move away from the area.”

Pic from Nimit Virdi/Caters News

Animals in the wild maintain strong relationships from birth, and until old enough to venture alone, answer to a strict chain of command between mother and child.

Nimit added: “Even in the wild there are family bonds and the need to protect one’s own.”