Photographer Captures Moment Two Monkeys Recreate Famous Lion King ‘Circle Of Life’ Scene

A photographer has captured the moment a monkey and its infant recreate the famous Lion King ‘Circle of Life’ scene – where the mother can be seen lifting up her baby.

Dafna Ben Nun, 38, captured the incredible real life ‘Lion King’ moment whilst on a trip to Zimbabwe.

PIC FROM Dafna Ben Nun/Caters News

During her trip to the Southern African country to learn about the local wildlife Dafna was instantly surprised to see the two monkeys recreating such a well-known moment.

The animals, that are native to South Africa, are often found in open savannah and open hills around Africa.

Dafna, from Israel, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw an adult baboon holding a baby, looking exactly like Simba in the Lion King.

“It was just a split second, but it was fascinating to watch!

“They were all in the same group so no harm was done to any of the animals.”