Photographer captures moment giant lizard appears to look like beastly Godzilla

A photographer has captured the horrifying moment a giant lizard appears to mimic the beastly ‘Godzilla’.

Pic By Andrey Gudkov/Caters News

Andrey Gudkov, 46, was exploring Komodo National Park, on the island of Rincha, Indonesia, when he came across the lizard.

Whilst being photographed, the Komodo proceeded to do an impression of ‘Godzilla’ – standing on its hind legs and appearing to roar like the monster.

Pic By Andrey Gudkov/Caters News

Andrey said: “The Komodo dragons stand on their hind legs, lean on their tail, and sometimes even jump to knock their nest onto the ground or push out the nestlings from the nest to eat them later.

“Of course, this is not typical behaviour of these animals.

“The dragon is most likely doing this as a result of behavioural adaptations to local conditions.”