Photographer captures cute moment tiger keeps its head above water while taking dip in algae covered pond

These incredible pictures show the adorable moment a tiger was spotted doing its best Micheal Phelps impression in an algae covered pond.

Tiger Swims in Algae Pond

The moment a tiger struggles to keep its head above the water as it swims in the algae

But unlike the Olympic swimmer, the large cat was clearly not keen to get its head wet as it craned its neck above the water while paddling amongst the bright green plants.

Tiger Swims in Algae Pond

The stunning looking tiger is pictured against bright green algae

The stunning pictures show the softer side of the ferocious feline as it relaxed in the vegetation, almost submerging its entire body.

Tiger Swims in Algae Pond

Photographer, Stig Ottesen, 56, was given the chance to photograph animals at Copenhagen Zoo before opening hours

This intimate glimpse into the big cat’s bath time was captured by photographer Stig Ottesen, 56, who was granted special access to take pictures of the majestic animal at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark before opening hours.

Tiger Swims in Algae Pond

The curious tiger made its way over to Stig after hearing the click of his camera

Intrigued by the click of his camera, the tiger drifted towards the photographer from Copenhagen through the luminous green organisms, allowing him to take stunning close ups.

After posing for the camera the large cat emerged from the water when the zoo opened to the public, shaking off the algae before returning to its pen.

Stig, a medical assistant who took up photography as a hobby in 2013, said: “I’m a regular patron of the zoo so I knew the tigers don’t usually enter the pool during normal zoo opening hours.

“Having been granted special access, I rushed to the tiger pit with my camera at the ready as soon as they were released.

“Upon my arrival, lo and behold, one of the tigers was already in there taking a dip, I thought, what an opportunity this is.

“As my camera shutter started clicking, it was as if I was drawing the tiger’s attention – at least that’s what I believe – resulting in the large cat swimming towards me.

“I have been to the zoo a lot of times after, but never again have I seen the tigers swimming.

“In hindsight, it seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity.”