Phew! Sleepy baby gorilla collapses for a rest after tiring himself out dancing

This baby gorilla looks ready to drop after strutting his stuff on the dancefloor.

The adorable primate threw some funky moves and he bopped around his enclosure in Madrid Zoo.

Pic By Cristi Garcia/Caters News

But it all seemed to get a bit too much for his little legs – as soon after, he clearly needed a sit down after using up a bit too much energy.

Cristi Garcia, 25, a pre-primary teacher, captured the hilarious incident on camera during a visit to the Madrid Zoo, in Spain, on May 14.

Pic By Cristi Garcia/Caters News

Yamila is the youngest of the zoo’s gorilla family and turns two on June 3.

Cristi visits the zoo every week to see her favourite gorillas and spends time with Yamila and the rest of her family.

Pic By Cristi Garcia/Caters News

She said: “They are very curious so we carry several objects to show them.

“I love Yamila and her family because I feel that they are my family too.

Pic By Cristi Garcia/Caters News

“But Yamila is very special for me because I’ve been with her since she came into the world.

“She is a little terror who has my all heart.

Pic By Cristi Garcia/Caters News

“She loves putting ona show for the crowds.

“She doesn’t need anything to be entertaining, she has a strong and special personality.”