Peek-a-boo giraffe might be the worlds worst hide and seek player

Pic by Natalia Mroz/Caters News

Call that a hiding place? You’re having a giraffe! A giraffe hiding behind a bush might just be the world’s worst hide and seek player.

Australian Natalia Mroz, 36, photographer and media producer from Kenya snapped the hilarious picture while waiting for an elephant to move from her path.

Natalia was out photographing elephants in Amboseli national park, famous for its herds and iconic views of Mount Kilimanjaro when she spotted a giraffe peering three feet over a bush.

Natalia said: “I was leaving the park when a big bull elephant blocked my path and being in no hurry I didn’t try and get past him but took out my camera instead.

“I looked out the other window of my car at one point and saw this giraffe hidden behind a lone bush as it bent down to eat the leaves.

“When she popped her head out to look at me I realised she was perfectly posed for a shot.

“The moment was really quick so it was only when I got home and saw the image on my screen that I realised how comical she looked.

“I had a lot of great feedback on this image as it seems to make people laugh which is nice.

“Living in Kenya, I’m lucky to have access to amazing nature and wildlife every day. I have a customised safari vehicle which is always packed and ready to go, and so every spare moment I get, I’m off.

“It’s really relaxing to be able to spend time with animals as they go about their day, usually if you sit still long enough in your car you will be surrounded by giraffes or elephants.

“I also posted the image to bring attention to World Giraffe Day and the fact that giraffenumbers are in decline, something most people don’t know about.”