Pea-se Don’t Hurt Me! Stunning Pics Show Peacock Battle Over Mating Rights

These stunning images show two male peacocks caught in the midst of a brutal battle over mating rights.

The photos, taken by wildlife photographer Vinod Goel, 64, picture the moment the two birds got the worse of each other while fighting over their territory.

Pic by Vinod Goel/Caters News

Vinod captured the images, which show the birds circling each other and rising into the air to attack each other, at Sunder Nursery, close to the Humanyu Tomb in Delhi, India.

He said: “During the breeding season, male peacocks fight with each other for the territory where they would perform their courtship dance to attract a peahen.

“During the fight both the males try to assess the opponent’s strength – similar to what happens in the boxing or the wrestlerʼs ring.

Pic by Vinod Goel/Caters News

“They move parallel to each other and take a round in a circle.

“They also fluff their feather to show the density of the feathers possessed by them. Finally in the extreme aggression they rise in the air to attack each other.

“During the aerial strike they make use of their spurs beside the foot for inflicting injury to the opponent.”