Party animals! Little monkeys gatecrash their own party

Choas ensued after a group of naughty monkeys crashed a party that is held every year in their honour.

In the city of Lopburi, Thailand, the local people dislike and reject the large population of Macaque monkeys who live their, but once every year they embrace them by preparing them food and holding them a party.

Pic by David Greyo/Caters News

The images, captured by wildlife photographer David Greyo, 43, from Lausanne, Switzerland, show the monkeys enjoying the party whilst eating watermelon and ice lollies.

David said: “Each year in November there is a big party for monkeys where people offer them food such as fruit and vegetables but also sweets, ice cream and sodas.

“The great banquet was created by the owner of the largest hotel of the city to thank the deities for his success in business.

“This tradition was renewed in the following years, becoming an event throughout the country nearly 30 years later.

“Each year several tonnes of food are given to monkeys and the sets and staging are each years more remarkable.”

However, the monkeys cause a lot of trouble for residents and are only granted these privileged one day a year.

David said: “The monkeys are everywhere in the city and the cohabitation is difficult.

“They even go into the houses and break everything, loot the stalls, attack the passers-by in the street and break the cars.

“Everyday, monkeys are disliked and rejected, but during the annual party dedicated to monkeys, everybody offers them something.”