Panda-monium! Panda cub gets stuck on branch it was foraging from

This adorable panda can’t get down from a branch it was foraging on!

The panda cub can be seen stuck at the top of a tree which she was supposedly foraging from.

Pic by Jutta Kirchner/Caters News

Climbing further than it should have – these photographs show the confusion and panic in the little pandas face when she realises it’s a long way down!

The little panda even looks as though it’s waving to the photographer for help!

These photographs were taken by Jutta Kirchner in Vienna Zoo, Austria.

Jutta said: “She loves berries and now, when hawthorn is ripened, she makes daily acrobatic exercises to get the berries from the tree.

Pic by Jutta Kirchner/Caters News

“This time she almost fell down, but she was lucky enough to stay in the tree branches.

“The panda cub is a girl called Fu Feng – this August was her very first birthday, so she is now one-year-old.

“Pandas are one of my favourite animals in Schönbrunn – I love watching and photographing them!”