Pampered hedgehog gets bath scrub by owners in adorable video clip

Pic from Caters News 

An adorable hedgehog has been caught on camera being pampered in the bath by his owners.

Francisco José Buendía Saorin, 29, from Murcia, Spain, decided to buy his hedgehog obsessed girlfriend, Rocío, 22, the animal for her birthday.

And now, eight months on, the pair pamper the hedgehog, who they named, Gazpachito.

In this video they can be seen gently scrubbing Gazpachito’s back with soap, washing him in a sink before placing him on a soft towel to be dried.

Francisco, who studied law at university, said: “Gazpachito is calmer than ever when you bathe him.

“All hedgehogs, when in contact with water tend to pee and take a dump and I think it happens when they feel comfortable.

“We have really bonded since we first met last June, I adore him.

“I pick Gazpachito up at every opportunity, he is really cute and he seems to like me and feel calm.

“He would climb up on my chest and hide inside my shirt. I think I like him even more than my girlfriend.”

Pic from Caters News

Francisco’s girlfriend was always sending him lots of pictures and clips of hedgehogs and decided buying her one for her birthday would be the perfect gift.

He added: “We always find it difficult when deciding what to gift to buy each other but in this case she really made it easy for me.

Pic from Caters News 

“She literally said Gazpachito was the best present anyone had ever given to her.

“In the morning we sometimes find him sleeping inside a boot, under a t-shirt etc.

“As they are night creatures, so they spend most of the daytime sleeping, something that really fits us since we are night owls.”