Hilarious Moment Magpie Busts A Move On Stag’s Antlers Was Caught On Camera

The funny moment this magpie landed on the antlers of a stag and started dancing was caught on camera. Claire Benedict, 32, snapped the images in Richmond Park, London while on a walk. Claire said: “The image did make me smile. "Having harvested the stag's winter coats to be used as excellent nest lining, the magpies take advantage of the delicious smorgasbor... read more>>

Stegosaurus Turtle - Butterflies Turn Turtle Into Dinosaur After Landing On Back

 A turtle has been transformed into a Stegosaurus after a swarm butterflies landed on his back. The amazing images taken by Hubert Janiszewski, 43, taken earlier this year [February 26, 2019] showcase nature at its finest. Hubert was visiting Mabuasehube Game Reserve, Botswana, South Africa, when he spotted the turtle being bombarded by a swarm of butterflie... read more>>