Blonde Seal Strangled By Plastic Fishing Net On Norfolk Coastline

The heart wrenching moment a blonde seal was strangled by a fishing net on the Norfolk coast has been captured on camera. IT consultant, Geoff Smith, 54, captured the photograph which illustrates the reality of plastic pollution. The seal can be seen with a thick blue net wrapped around its neck, seemingly impossible for the seal to remove this alone. Worried G... read more>>

Is This Just Fantasy? Lions Pose For Perfect Boh-mane-ian Rhapsody Shot

A pride of lions have become musical masters by recreating their own Boh-mane-ian Rhapsody album cover. Photographer, Daniel Rosengren, 40, managed to capture the once in a lifetime shot where the stealthy big cats show only their heads in a perfect circle - just like the iconic cover made famous by band Queen. Daniel, from Sweden, said, "This is a very small pr... read more>>