P-p-pick me! Attention seeking penguin desperate bid for the limelight with epic photobomb

This attention seeking penguin was so desperate to be p-p-picked out that it stole the limelight in this hilarious photobomb.

Derek Pettersson, 56, was snapping nearby King penguins and sheep at Volunteer Point in the Falkland Islands, when the brash bird leapt in front of his camera.


Stretching its long monochrome and yellow neck out, the personality-rich penguin covered nearly the whole lens in an impressive photobombing attempt.

Derek who owns a lodge nearby says ‘strange behaviour’ like this is a regular occurrence at this Eastern spot on the archipelago.

There are believed to be 1,500 breeding adult King penguins at Volunteer Point, as well as Gentoo and Magellanic penguins, among other wildlife.   

Derek said: “I was taking some photos of King penguins and sheep walking together

“I had been kneeling in the same spot for a while and as king penguins are inquisitive I guess he just wanted to see what I was doing.


“This penguin came up to me from the side and I did not see it coming until it appeared in the shot as I had my eye up to the camera for a while.

“I thought it was funny and was a bit surprised but happy how it ended up.

“I think it was just the inquisitive nature of the penguin. They have no natural land predators except a few birds.

“They see a lot of humans and as long as you are quiet they come close to investigate what is going on.

“I think it just wanted to look at what I was doing and ended up in front of my lens as I took the photo. It was not scared and did not run off

“Volunteer Point is just a great place to spend time as there is so much going on with all the wildlife.

“There are never too many people there at the same time so it’s great to be able to sit and watch all the wildlife and you often get to see strange behaviour.”

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