Over-whale-ming moment diver swims with gentle giants

An amazing interaction between a diver and a whale shark has been captured on camera.

These unique shots captured by diver, Tracey Jennings, 47, originally from the UK, give an insight into one of the ocean’s most mysterious species.

PIC FROM Tracey Jennings / CATERS NEWS

Tracey and her husband, Adrian, were visiting a remote part of Indonesia when they were lucky enough to see the whale sharks of West Papua.

The experienced diver snapped Adrian just inches from the whale shark, the photos reflect a serenity not often associated with sharks.

PIC FROM Tracey Jennings / CATERS NEWS

Tracey’s photos show fish seeking refuge from the sea’s violent predators and an unlikely bond between nature and man.

She added: “My first thought when witnessing this was that the ocean is magical, beautiful and something to protect.”