Ouch! Right in the nuts! Squirrel does the splits for food

Pic by Geert Weggen / Caters News 

This flexible squirrel will do anything to get his nuts!

The hairy gymnast can be seen using two lupine flowers as supportive poles to help him get to the bucket of food at the top of the flowers.

Despite losing his footing a few times, the red squirrel makes his way to the top in the end.

Pic by Geert Weggen / Caters News

This video was shot in Bispgarden, Sweden, by Geert Weggen.

Gert said: “It took me three whole days to wait for the squirrel to balance like this.

Pic by Geert Weggen / Caters News 

“I am working on a squirrel photo project at the moment.

“I want to let squirrels capture the photos by using a remote when they are behind a camera.”