Ouch mum that hurts! Adorable baby monkey pulls a face as doting mum tries to clean him up 

This is the hilarious moment a baby monkey tried to wriggle away as his mum cleaned his unruly hair.

Avinash Lodhi / Caters News

The adorable Rhesus Macaque was spotted pulling a funny face as his doting mum tried to tidy him up.

A fellow monkey can also be seen trying to restrain the youngster before he eventually gives in and lets his mum get on with it.

The hilarious snaps were shot by Avinash Lodhi in Jabalpur, India.

Avinash Lodhi / Caters News

The 31-year-old said: “Monkeys carry out very similar activities to us.

“When they are not searching for food their favourite activity is to clean each other.

“Here the mother monkey is searching for lice but the baby monkey is refusing to sit still.

Avinash Lodhi / Caters News

“He tries to protest but the mother manages to do her job anyway.

“The activities and emotions of monkeys always amaze me. If you watch them closely they’re very similar to us.

“I’m always happy to watch and photograph them.”