Orangutan and baby practice aerobics in water together

An orangutan and her baby have been captured practicing aerobics in an adorable photo sequence.

Patrick Kientz, 59, was visiting Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia, when he spotted the pair.

PIC FROM Patrick Kientz/Caters News

The images show a female orangutan balancing across water with her tiny baby clutching to her stomach.

But despite it appearing as though the adult monkey is trying to practice aerobics, in reality she’s avoiding deadly crocodiles with her unusual moves.

PIC FROM Patrick Kientz/Caters News

Patrick, from Paris, France, who took the photos last month, said: “It was immense satisfaction to be able to photograph a female orangutan, unstressed, in the water with her young to collect foliage and fruits.

“The female cautiously steers into the water, for fear of estuarine crocodiles, to collect fruits and foliage.”