“One of a kind cat” born without nasal bridge shows that looking different can still be adorable

These heartwarming images of a cat born without a nasal bone prove that looking different can still be adorable.

Pictured peering curiously into the camera, the unique feline was born with its nasal bridge missing, giving it a somewhat unusual appearance.

Caused by a chromosome defect, the genetic abnormality meant that house cat, Monty, also suffers from some mild bladder problems.


Monty was born without a nasal bone

But despite looking a little different to your average tabby, Monty has still managed to melt hearts the world over.

Owned by Danish couple, Michael Bjørn Nielsen, 24, Mikala Fuglesang, 30, the loveable feline was adopted from a cat shelter after they spotted him playing on his own.


The genetic abnormality was caused by a chromosome defect

But it wasn’t just the cat’s striking appearance that made the couple fall in love, it seems the feeling was mutual as the misunderstood moggy instantly took a shine to the pair.

Since taking the four-year-old into their home in Copenhagen, Micheal and Mikala decided to share their cute looking cat with the rest of the world by setting up his own Facebook page.

Although the cat was once homeless, he has now amassed over 60,000 fans and even has his striking face on a variety of Monty themed merchandise.


Owner Michael Bjørn Nielsen, 24, said: “Most people think Monty is awesomely cute but some people think he is ugly looking.”


Michael said: “Most people think Monty is awesomely cute but some people think he is ugly looking.

“Mostly, these people don’t get that we are trying to raise attention to the fact that you can still be fantastic even though you are different looking, like Monty.

“Due to his chromosome defects, which is the cause of his missing nasal bone, his bladder sometimes leaks in his sleep.

“But this isn’t an issue to us and it doesn’t leak very much and it only happens two to three times a month.

“People are often asking us if there is a soft spot above his nose or if it hurts when we touch it.

“However, this doesn’t hurt him at all and in actual fact he loves being touched there.

“His personality is just as fantastic as one would expect it to be by his adorable face.

“He’s a playful little fellow who loves attention and he’s always on the lookout for someone to snuggle with.

“He does look very cute but I think it’s his personality that we fell in love with.

“He was very sweet to our two other cats when he moved in and after a month it felt like he had lived with us for a lifetime.”