On your head! Kingfisher uses photographers head as perch

**MANDATORY BYLINE** Pic by John Hannah/Caters News

You’re never going to get a photo from there!

The fearless bird was hunting fish in the Scottish River Tarff and decided a photographer’s head would be a perfect spot for a meal – rather than in front of the lens.

Alan McFadyen had lain in wait for the perfect capture – only for the bird to take a perch on his head.

The bird dashed the fish against his skull before gulping them down and returning to the water for another dive.

Photos, believed to be a world first, show the kingfisher perched on top of Alan McFadyen’s head.

Pic by John Hannah/Caters News

The 47-year-old Scottish photographer, who runs Scottish Photography Hides, was out with a friend on Tuesday (AUGUST 2) when the pictures were taken.

Alan, from Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway,  said: “The bird was fishing in the river below and every time it caught a fish it would come back to my head where it would grab it by the tail and swing it against my skull to try and kill it.

“They often use a hard surface to do this, but it’s normally a branch and not someone’s head.

“But instead of landing on my intended perch it landed in my head 12 times in the first hour. It ignored the perch completely!

Pic by John Hannah/Caters News

“I have a purpose built hide at this site and have photographed from it thousands of times.

“However, I like change so I decided to shoot from outside the hide to give me something different.

“My friend in the hide had my other camera as I wanted a wide shot of me and the bird in the same image.

“I have been an avid wildlife lover for over 40 years and witnessed and experience countless great moments.

“To have a wild kingfisher on my head and using it as a fishing spot is unimaginable and is by far the highlight to date.

“I believe it’s the first time ever that something like this has been captured. I’ve certainly never seen it before.”