On the fly – Rabbit pulls of incredible last ditch escape from eagle 

Never mind pigs – this rabbit pulled off an incredibly rare flying feat.

About to be snatched up by the claws of a swooping eagle, the bunny managed to leap above its flying predator to safety.

Rob Palmer/Caters News

Remarkable photos show the mammal kicking up a cloud of dust as it springs high into the air as the bird glides underneath.

The bemused eagle was left to fly off as the cunning rabbit scarpered for cover.

The stunning photograph was captured by wildlife photographer and guide Rob Palmer near the town of Farson, Wyoming.

Rob Palmer/Caters News

Rob, 64, said: “I was there to photograph the eagles and a trained gold eagle started to pursue a white tailed jack rabbit.

“The eagle was chasing the rabbit and it decided to dodge the eagle by leaping about four feet into the air.

“The eagle gave up after he saw this great manoeuvre.

“I love the thrill of the pursuit and I root for the prey as well as the predator.

Rob Palmer/Caters News

“This time the rabbit won but eventually the eagle did manage to catch a different rabbit.”