Off-springing around! Rare images show siblings splashing around in a cooling reed bed!

 BYLINE PIC BY David Jenkins/ Caters New 

Now that’s what you call a ROYAL RUMBLE!  These energetic lion siblings take advantage of the cool weather during sunset to frolic around.

Flying through the air like superheroes the wild cats can’t get enough of the re-freshing water, as they playfully dunk each other in-between the reeds.

Swiping her opponent mid-air the lioness bares claws in an attempt to win the battle, before collapsing on top of her exhausted brother to re-energise.

PIC BY David Jenkins/ Caters News 

Irish photographer, David Jenkins, witnessed the rare 20 minute encounter in the Antelope Park, Zimbabwe during December.

David, 44, said: ” It was very exciting to watch, some of the interactions were very fast and acrobatic- a real challenge to try to catch with a camera.

 PIC BY David Jenkins/ Caters New 

Lions are usually a bit wary of water but these two young lions were an exception to the rule, they loved the water– the more wet they became, the more energetic they were.

“After the fight the two lions were exhausted and just collapsed on top of each other in a pile and started bonding and grooming each other before catching a much needed catnap!”

PIC BY David Jenkins/ Caters New