Ocean wide: Photographer shows what it’s like to look inside the mouth of a shark

These jaw-some images show what it’s like to look inside the mouth of a tiger shark.

Tiger Shark Mouth

The view from inside the mouth of a tiger shar

Captured in amazing detail, the unique pictures show the alien-like anatomy of the shark and reveal rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth and white coloured gills.

Tiger Shark Mouth

The incredible images were taken when a tiger shark took an interest in photographer, Adam Hanlon’s, camera

The incredible photographs were taken when a curious shark began to inspect the camera of British born photographer, Adam Hanlon, 46.

Tiger Shark Mouth

A fishing hook was spotted in the mouth of one of the sharks

After sensing electronic impulses omitted by Adam’s camera, the inquisitive creature began to gently mouth at the camera’s housing allowing him capture the unusual perspective.

Tiger Shark Mouth

Visible are small black dots on the snout of the shark, known as the ampullae of Lorenzini, they serve as a way to ‘feel’ their surroundings

Filled with sensory organs its mouth and nose, known as the ampullae of Lorenzini, the sharks uses its mouth as an electroreceptor to ‘feel’ out its surroundings.

Luckily for Adam, the local fishermen have created an astonishing relationship with the sharks that sees them reward the shark for good behaviour, allowing extraordinary encounters, such as this one, to occur.

Adam said: “I was lucky to be able to get my camera set up as the sharks made their approach.

“They are pretty slow and cautious as they come in, and by reading their behaviour, you can predict when they are showing interest in the camera.

“Many sharks use the sensory organs in their mouths and noses to gather information about their environments.

“It’s likely the sharks sense the camera’s electronics and attempt to find out what they are.

“This can sometimes involve them gently mouthing things that are unfamiliar or that they are interested in.

“They’re not attempting to bite but rather trying to feel the camera to see what it is.

“The sharks aren’t fed if they exhibit negative behaviours, like nosing at the bait box or approaching from behind.

“Sharks are highly intelligent and follow the normal rules for animal behaviour, they figure out quickly that if they are to be fed, they need to follow certain “rules”.

“It was an amazing experience, I was glad I got to get such unusual looking photographs.”