Ocean Play Date! Cute Sea Lion Caught Playing With Starfish On Seabed

An adorable sea lion has been caught playing with a starfish on the seabed.

Nick Polanszky, 32 from Brisbane, Australia, captured the images of the pair while working as an underwater photographer.

PIC BY Nick Polanszky / CATERS NEWS

The pictures were taken last December near a small volcanic rock island situated at Los Islotes, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Nick said that sea lions are one of ‘the most playful animals in the world’ and loves diving with them.

He added: “Being known as the big puppies of the ocean, it’s no surprise that this sea lion looks as though it’s trying to say ‘come and play.’

PIC BY Nick Polanszky / CATERS NEWS

“The most common comments I get of my sea lion images are that they feel like they are right there, how cute they are, and that they want to experience it for themselves.

“During my years as an underwater photographer, nothing has filled my heart more than my interactions with the sea lions, experiencing all of their playfulness and curiosity.

PIC BY Nick Polanszky / CATERS NEWS

“These guys play, nibble, roll, chew on your camera, and push up against your face – before you know it, your dive time is up, and you just can’t wait to get back in the water with them.

“My favourite image is the one of the sea lion looking down at me with the sea star hanging out of his mouth.”