Now cat’s scary! One eyed vampire cat is the stuff nightmares are meowed of

Is this the world’s scariest looking cat?

Fang the Persian vampire cat

Fang the Persian vampire cat

With fangs big enough to rival Count Dracula’s and just one eye, Fang is quite possibly the world’s most unfortunate looking cat.

But despite his FURful appearance, the two-year-old Persian has proven to be a big hit after he was put up for adoption.

Daya Hall-Stratton, 23, and her boyfriend Ethan, 22, adopted Fang two months ago from a local vets after a previous owner wanted to put him down.


Daya, who was working at the practice, said that everyone wanted him, but she got to take him home as he hates other pets and she didn’t have any.

Fang came to the practice with Feline Lower Urinary Tract disease FLUTD — and needed surgery.

Sadly, his eye got infected around the same time due to feline herpes virus and had to be removed. His obvious fang-like teeth are due to an underbite

Fang the Persian vampire cat

Fang the Persian vampire cat

Despite his health problems, Daya was quick to fall in love with him and took him home, where he could recover and receive the care he needed.

Daya, from New Hampshire, USA, said: “Fang is a very social and sweet cat. He likes to be near us and a bit higher than us, like the back of the couch.

“He has times he is really hyper and chases his toys, or he begs for food.  His meow is very sweet though, so somehow not that annoying.

Fang the Persian vampire cat

Fang the Persian vampire cat

“He’ll sleep on our pillows or at our feet at night.

“Not that many people have met fang since we have had him, but many people on Reddit think he’s cute. Some other people have been a bit surprised by his appearance but expressed how adorable he is. “

Fang will most likely have FLUTD flare-ups in future, but Daya and Ethan have put him on a prescription diet for prevention.