Nosey bear peers into parked car window looking for food 

A nosey bear hunting for food has been caught peering through a parked car window looking for food. 

The images and video – shot by two separate passers-by – show the bear inquisitively peering through the car window in Pechora city, Komi Republic, Russia.  

Pic by Caters News

Passer-by, Pavel Schelochkov, 36, filmed the footage of the bear this summer. 

The fire engine driver said: “The bear is searching for food after a long cold winter. 

Pic by Caters News

“Some people in the city started feeding the bears and they have become so used it to that they started visiting the city often. 

“This bear was not agreessive at all. It was just hungry. That’s it.  I was not afraid but I understood it was quite dangerous.”

Igor Trier, 56, who took the images, added: “Police was ordered to frighten bears away from the city as they had started to show up in areas that children play and people have complained.”