Nobody puts this fish in a corner!


 PIC BY Abraham de Villiers / CATERS NEWS 

This fish may not be having the time of its life after becoming this birds dinner!

The split second moment was caught on camera by wildlife photographer, Abraham de Villier, 53, from South Africa, at Lake Panic, in Kruger National Park in June.

Abraham said: “My wife and I love Lake Panic, as it’s a bird lovers paradise and especially for bird photographers like myself.

“We were in the bird hide and this African Darter was sitting on a dead tree in the water sunning himself.

PIC BY Abraham de Villiers / CATERS NEWS

“After a while, he flew down to the water and immediately dived in. He came up once or twice with no luck and every time I was ready with my camera.”

However the next time the bird appeared he was successful and Abraham was ready to take the shot.

He said: “The next time he surfaced it was with this huge fish in his beak.


“He swam to the nearest dead branch and climbed on it and after positioning the fish head first, he swallowed the whole fish.”

Unfortunately, this fish didn’t get quite the same romantic ending as Baby in the classic 1987 film, ‘Dirty Dancing‘.