No lion in for mum – Playful kids wake lioness up

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

This poor mum had no chance of a LION IN.

The sleepy lioness looked like she needs just ten minutes more shut-eye as the sun rose over the Kenyan Masai Mara.

But her cubs were having none of it.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

The little lions were in a playful mood after waking up and proceeded to jump all over and even bite her.

Despite shutting her eyes and hoping they would go away, eventually mum gave in and let them have a cuddle.

The cute family moment was captured on camera by German photographer Ingo Gerlach.

Ingo, 64, said: “It was 7am when the lion family suddenly surfaced in the warm early morning light.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

“Hunting-wise the night had been very successful for them and they were feasting on a freshly caught gnu.

“The warm sunshine awakened the instincts of the young lions. In particular there were two, a male and a female, who started playing. Both were around eight weeks old.

“The young male appeared calmer and a little clumsier, whereas his cousin was very energetic and started to tussle.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

“The older lions bravely endured everything she threw at him as she gnawed and growled at them and gave her cousin a few swipes with her front paws.

“The whole thing lasted about 10 minutes and was accompanied by the female cub’s cries.

Pic by Ingo Gerlach/Caters News

“Play fights such as these are part of the young lions’ development and it’s only through such games that they can find their place in the pack.”