No horseplay: Photographer captures wild stallion’s brutal rival take down

A photographer has captured the shocking moment a wild stallion brutally took down a rival amid a cloud of dust – pinning it down by its knees.

The stunning images, taken by professional photographer Jami Bollschweiler, capture the two animals biting and rolling around in the West Desert in Utah earlier this month.

As one knocks the other to the ground the cremello horse can be seen on top of the bay horse and despite taking a chunk out of his face the bay remains unshaken.


Jami from Clinton, Utah, said: “I’ve never seen a stallion knock another down like that before and use his knees to hold him down. It was different to anything I’ve seen.

“The cremello was there with his family.

“Usually he keeps them farther away from the others but because water supplies have been drained in some locations as they get ready to do a round-up it meant they were all coming together in the same area.

“There was a lot of tension. He didn’t like being around different stallions and didn’t want anybody by his mares so he was highly agitated.

“It was crazy, it was an amazing experience. When it was happening I felt like I’d never seen anything like it.


“He’s the best looking stallion and to have him fight someone else, as a photographer, it was amazing.

“You’re always concerned about the welfare of the animals when you go out there but you also want to get those action shots – this just blew us away.

“The bay horse had a big bite on his face but he got back up and walked to the water hole like he didn’t care.”

The 44-year-old said she started taking photographs four years ago as a form of therapy after her mum passed away.


She said she regularly spends hours out in the desert watching them.

Jami said: “I remember seeing an article about a woman that went out to see them in the desert, I had no idea we had wild horses in the states.

“When I saw that video of horses running I thought ‘I’ve got to see that’ so I found out where they were and went out there by myself.

“When the wild horses run towards you the first time, it will change your life forever.

“They are incredible and make you realize how amazing this life is.”