Never smile at a crocodile – except this one: deformed animal spotted at zoo

These pictures show how a poor little crocodile was left with a deformed smile following a fight with a fellow croc.

Taken in Vandaloor Zoo, by photographer Palaninathan M, from India, the croc, who doesn’t have a name, got into the tussle two years ago and the fight resulted in him fracturing his jaw.

Pic by Palaninathan M/Caters News

Staff at Vandaloor Zoo in Chennai said they rehabilitated the reptile in an isolated enclosure and since then it has been living alone.

Sridhar, chief veterinarian at the zoo, said: “It was in immense pain. We had to use a brush attached to a pole to clean its wounds. We used topical medicines and antibiotics. There was no way we could put a bandage on it.

“It took at least one and a half months for the wounds to heal completely.”

Since then, the cute creature has happily adapted to its life without jaw.

Pic by Palaninathan M/Caters News

Sridhar said: “Initially it had not eaten properly for a month. We used to give it chopped meat, unlike the big chunks of meat we normally feed to these reptiles.

“Gradually it picked up and now it lives very comfortably and happily.”