Nervous horse was given a goat fro company and the two are now inseparable!

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This horse was so anxious, his owner got him a goat to calm his nerves and they are now inseparable.

When competitive show horse, Coaster moved to Legacy Hunters and Jumpers, in Washington State, USA, he racked up the rosettes but was in desperate need of a best friend.

Bizarrely that best friend came in the form of Buttercup, a young goat destined for a meat-market who loves to lounge on Coaster’s back in a friendship like no other.


Elizabeth Kerron, from Legacy Hunters, said: “Coaster and Buttercup are almost inseparable. The only time that they are apart is when Coaster is being exercised and ridden.

“They’ve travelled the West Coast from California to Washington, attending horse shows together with Buttercup providing constant company for Coaster.

“It’s hilarious to see a goat nestle up close to a great big horse, let alone a goat with Buttercup’s waistline, they’re so cute together we had to get them an Instagram account.

Buttercup the goat, now four-years-old, was introduced to Coaster when she was just a few months old after being saved  from a meat-market.

Fernando, a groom at the yard, rescued Buttercup with the exact intention of being Coaster’s friend to ease her high anxiety.

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Coaster, 13, is an Anglo Hanoverian Gelding owned by Dr. Jennifer Sparks who competes on him in the Hunter-Jumper discipline which has already earned him an impressive resume.

Elizabeth said: “It did no go so well at first, and Coaster was not fond of her.

“They started spending the days together in the paddock, and when Coaster was mean to Buttercup, she would sneak out of the paddock and find other horses to play with.

“Well, it would seem that Coaster got a little jealous, and soon welcomed Buttercup’s companionship.

The unlikely best friends who share the same stable cannot get enough of each other have even developed the same taste for sugary snacks.

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Followers of @coasterandbuttercup are treated to regular videos and photos of the pair licking their lips at the sight of gummy worm sweets before battling it out for a bite through the railings.

Elizabeth said: “They have a large fan-club wherever they go up and down the coast as well as the couple of hundred followers on their own Instagram account.

“Coaster can come off as a bit of a grouch, pretending not to like Buttercup and humans, but we all know he’s just pretending.

“His favourite treats are gummy-worms and laffy-taffy.

“Buttercup is always welcome of any and all affection, but she can be stubborn if you try to separate her from her food, or from coaster.

Pic by Caters News

“Its often a team effort when trying to remove coaster from his stable without her.”

“As it turns out, the solution to that anxiety was friendship! They’re a welcome barrel of laughs at a place as competitive and often serious as this for riders and trainers alike.