Neigh way that’s possible – squirrels pictured riding toy horses

There’s neigh way that’s possible! These cheeky squirrels have managed to display their prowess riding horses – although it might be a while before they move up a size.


The critters were snapped posing on the toy horses by Geert Weggen, 48, a photographer and builder from Bispgarden, Sweden.

The squirrels had been on the way to Geert’s garden from a nearby forest in search of food when they happened upon the conveniently positioned toys and it wasn’t long before they were horsing about.


Geert, who has taken photos of squirrels for years had intended to capture the creatures in similar poses to humans and thought that sports would be the perfect theme to do so.

In order to coax the squirrels onto the horses in the first place however, Geert left food hidden in the horses so that they would climb onto their mounts.


Geert said: “The squirrels looked like they were competing in a horse race which was really funny.

“I had hidden food so that the squirrels would climb onto the horses in search of it – I like to capture animals posing as humans would and sport is often a good way to replicate them.

“Sometimes I have to wait days to get the shot I want and sometimes I have to put the idea away and come back to it later.


“It is fulfilling to capture a photo I had in mind, but a lot of the time the squirrels do something unexpected and I have to get the shot quickly.

“That can be a lot of fun, but it can be frustrating, too. Sometimes you just get the feeling the squirrels aren’t going to cooperate and just do their own thing.”