My little pony! Photographer captures moments tiny therapy horses comfort young children

A photographer has shot adorable pictures of a group of tiny therapy horses comforting young children.

Dafna Ben Nun, 37, visited a group of miniature therapy horses with their children clients and captured the moments they comforted one another.

Pic by Dafna Ben Nun/Caters News

The magical photographs were taken by Dafna in a forest in Israel.

Dafna, a professional photographer, said: “This breed of horses is very gentle and sensitive with a calm and good temperament for children.

“The advantage of this miniature horse is that they are patient and relatively large but not like a normal horse.

Pic by Dafna Ben Nun/Caters News

“They are pleasant to the touch and can be easily tamed.

Pic by Dafna Ben Nun/Caters News

“I met Luna, a 12-year-old amazing girl who has a unique connection with her miniature horse.

“He only listens to her and does what she asks him like lift a leg, sit, lie on the floor, kiss and more.”