Mum’s first kiss! Giraffe instantly greets calf with kiss on the head after giving birth

The heartwarming bond between mother and baby has been caught on camera after a giraffe instantly greeted her newborn calf with a kiss on the head.

Poorna Kedar, 36, was traveling through the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya when he was lucky enough to capture these once in a lifetime images.

Pic by Poorna Kedra/Caters News

In his stunning photo sequence, the mother giraffe can be seen instantly falling in love with her newborn.

Semi-professional photographer Poorna said: “A giraffe was delivering a baby and the baby was taking time to stand up on its own and feeding for the first time.

“My favourite image is the first time the baby managed to stand on its own legs.

Pic by Poorna Kedra/Caters News

“It appeared to have hugged its mother, that moment looked very touching.

“It showcased the immediate bond between the mother and baby.

“It is a lifetime memorable event to witness in the wild.

Pic by Poorna Kedra/Caters News

“A rare event that a visitor to the forest comes across. A satisfied and amazing feeling that still lingers in your thoughts even after so many days.