Move over George Clooney! Meet Australia’s most famous actor you’ve never heard of – because he’s got four legs

Meet Australia’s most famous actor, you’ve never heard of – because he’s got four legs.

This hunky pooch is dubbed George Clooney because his looks keep getting better with age.

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And like his Hollywood namesake, Kaiser the eight-year-old German Shepherd has carved a glittering career for himself on the silver screen.

This handsome hound’s star is on the rise as he now pockets thousands of dollars a year from acting and modelling work around his hometown of Melbourne.

That’s not the only way he’s following in the footsteps of George Clooney, as Kaiser too has won the hearts of scores of female canine admirers worldwide.

Owner Merran Hamilton, 61, said: “Kaiser got his break out in 2013. One of the producers of the film he was working in said he was the ‘Mr Clooney’ of dogs, and the name just took off after that.

Pic by Upthecreek Photography / Caters News

“Since then Kaiser has developed a real name for himself for himself modelling and he gets more and more handsome as he ages, which isn’t usually the case.

“He knows all about lights, camera, and action.

“He finds himself in situations many dogs obviously don’t find themselves in, but he’s always calm and responsive.”

Long-haired pup Kaiser was welcomed into dog-lover Merran’s home at the tender age of just eight weeks old.

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The 61-year-old realised her pooch’s perfect good looks meant he would make an ideal star of the screen so once he grew of age he underwent special obedience training.

This has since come in hand for TV and film roles, and in 2013 he was signed to talent agency Animal Extras.

Since then, Kaiser has shot to fame starring in well-known feature films like What if it Works and Some Happy Day as well as undertaking modelling work for Kmart and Reigner clothing.

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And while Merran admits Kaiser has a steady girlfriend to lean on, it hasn’t stopped bitches from all over the world from sliding into his DMs online.

Perhaps understandably, all this praise is starting to go to his head – because this is one pooch with expensive tastes.

Merran said: “Kaiser doesn’t get out of bed for a Shmacko anymore.

“It’s all filet steak, free range chicken or lactose-free cheese for him, otherwise he won’t work.

“He’s got a steady girlfriend named Indi owned by a friend of mine, but he has picked up a couple of online girlfriends after his images went viral online.”

Kaiser’s agent Fiona Macdonald, from Animal Extras, said it was love at first sight for her when Merran sent her pictures of her Mr Clooney.

She added: “When I saw Kaiser’s pictures I instantly fell in love with him. I thought he was the best-looking dog I had ever seen.

Pic by Phil Taylor / Caters News

“He’s just a very handsome specimen of perfection, and a complete gentleman, much like the human Mr Clooney.

“He has had a very busy acting career and worked alongside some very famous stars, so I suppose you could say that he’s made it in the world of acting.”

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Pic by Caters News



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