Mortal tom cats! – Photographer snaps flying felines in kung fu poses

Hisakata Hiroyuki / Caters News

This talented photographer has managed to snap a group of MORTAL TOM CATS in a variety of high-flying kung fu poses.

Hisakata Hiroyuki / Caters News

Using his own rapid-fire reactions, Hisakata Hiroyuki has photographs the lovable cats flying through the air, their legs and paws outstretched like something out of an action movie.

The cats – all photographed on the streets of Japan – would put the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to shame with their moves.

Pic by Hisakata Hiroyuki / Caters News

In order to shoot such unique and difficult poses, Hisakata, 30, calls on the help of a simple cat toy, which he dangles above the felines to encourage them to leap through the air.

Once the cats are airborne, Hisakata uses his other hand to photograph the cats continuously using a fast shutter speed, allowing him to then select the most action-packed shots once the shoot is over.

The idea for the series, Hisakata said, came to him around 18 months ago.

Pic by Hisakata Hiroyuki / Caters News

Having never had street cats down as the playful kind, Hisakata was surprised by the reactions of a selected few when he first tried to interact with them using a cat toy.

After snapping an initial, intriguing photograph of one such street cat in a kung fu pose, the photographer decided to continue evolving his unnamed series – sometimes bringing in more than one cat in the equation.

Hiskata, from Kyushu, Japan, said: “Everyone is surprised at the cats’ poses more than I think. Everyone says, ‘I have never seen that.’

Pic by Hisakata Hiroyuki / Caters News

“I am careful not to hurt the cats, and, therefore, I try not to take too much shooting time. Also, I use a new toy, and I often disinfect it to prevent infections.

“Cats have amazing personality. There are cats that are dancing and good at twisting; cats that pose like a powerful American comic book heroes; cats who like they are martial artists and ninjas. Nobody would have known that they have this personality.”