Moove over! Adorable moment manatee photobombs stunning diver’s underwater pictures

Moove over! This is the hilarious moment a diver was almost pushed out of her own underwater photo – by an enormous SEA COW.

Mantanees Following Pretty Girl

The cheeky mantanee photo-bombs underwater diver Meredith Fozkos

Stunning diver Cora Berchem  was snorkelling in the freshwater springs in the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge in Florida, while friend Carole Grant practised her underwater photography.

Mantanees Following Pretty Girl

The smiling mantanee cosying up to pretty diver, Meredith Fozkos

The pair were thrilled when they came across a group of manatees to swim with – but were stunned when rather than shying away from the duo, the animals couldn’t wait to get in the photos!

Mantanees Following Pretty Girl

The smiling manatee takes an interest in stunning diver, Meredith Fozkos

Carol said: “We were so lucky to swim alongside the manatees – they are beautiful creatures and were so friendly.

Mantanees Following Pretty Girl

Pretty diver, Meredith Fozkos, swimming underwater together at the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge in Florida

“They loved the camera and wanted to be in every shot – and they even look as though they’re grinning for the camera in some shots.

“The calmer you are around manatees, the better your encounter will be, so when we first saw them, we tried to ignore them, and it wasn’t long before they came swimming over.”

“I started taking photographs underwater because the beauty of the world beneath the surface has always fascinated me and I wanted explain this unique realm to others.

“Nothing communicates quite like a well-executed photograph and I quickly developed a knack for underwater photography.

“The Florida manatee is an endangered marine mammal and there are laws protecting it – it’s not good for people to try to touch them, or disturb them in any way, if you peacefully float alongside them, it’s an amazing experience, and they are curious creatures.

“They look adorable, but we have to remember but they are endangered marine mammals and not pets.”