Monkey suffocates on plastic bag left by tourists in Thailand

These heartbreaking images show the devastating effect reckless tourism in Thailand is having on the local wildlife.

PIC BY Jasper Wilkins / CATERS NEWS

Litter, particularly plastic, has been strewn across the beaches and streets by careless visitors, making it all too easy for these Macaque monkeys to reach and dangerously consume.

In one of the pictures a monkey sits in a tree and appears to be suffocating on a plasticbag.

PIC BY Jasper Wilkins / CATERS NEWS

In other images, the cute creatures can be seen playing with plastic bottles and crisp packets that have been abhorrently discarded in acts of sheer mindlessness.

Jasper Wilkins, 25, from the UK said: “Hundreds of tourists visit these areas and you can see vast amounts of waste surrounding the area that the monkeys take advantage of.

PIC BY Jasper Wilkins / CATERS NEWS 

“The monkeys will sometimes fight over the plastic bags and bottles and become territorial.”

Jasper, who has been in South East Asia for the last three months, said that this type of carelessness highlights how important it is for companies and governments to focus on ways to reduce plastic waste, as the man made product is clearly infiltrating the natural world – with devastating effects.