Moment a young elephant fends off vicious attack from 14 lions captured on camera

This is the dramatic moment a one-year-old elephant fought off 14 hungry female lions attacking it.

Elephant Fights off Lions

The moment the pack of lions attack the one-year-old elephant

The battle – captured on film by tourists in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia – shows the young ele surrounded by the pack of predators near a watering hole.

Elephant Fights off Lions

One lion tries to brings the elephant down by climbing on the hind of the poor creature

As the lions viciously set about the youngster – who was separated from its herd – they begin taking it in turns to leap on its back and sink their teeth into its backside and legs.

Elephant Fights off Lions

The elephant struggles as more lions try to bring the youngster down

But incredibly, the quick-thinking elephant darts into the water in a desperate bid to shrug off the lions.

Elephant Fights off Lions

Amazingly, the little elephant manages to survive after running towards the water

And after a lengthy battle, the youngster beats the odds and escapes unscathed.

The group of tourists had been travelling from Norman Carr Safaris Chinzombo Camp when they stumbled across the battle at sunset.

Safari guide, Innocent, who works for Norman Carr Safaris and was driving the Jeep, said: “In many years I have been a safari guide in Zambia at the South Luangwa, never have I seen anything like this.

“We were all so worried the elephant would be killed right before us. What a fighter. It fought off all 14 lions – incredible.”

The group of tourists who witnessed the incredible sighting – Journalist Jesse Nash, Artist and Professor at CW Post College in New York, Dan Christoffel, UK Naturalist, Steve Baker, and Australian journalist, Nina Krakowski – have since named the elephant Hercules.