Millions of dead fish wash up on picturesque Florida beaches as toxic algae kills 267 tons of marine life

Millions of dead fish are washing up on picturesque beaches in Florida thanks to a toxic algae which has so far destroyed more than 260 tons of marine life.

Shocking images have emerged of thousands of dead fish littering the sand at the popular Fort Myers beach and hundreds more washed up next to a jetty in Placida – around 50 miles north.

PIC FROM Caters News

The huge kill is down to a toxic algae bloom called ‘red tide’ which produces toxins and siphons oxygen from the water, suffocating aquatic life.

The algae, although relatively common, has lasted an unusually long time and has left masses of fish, and even a whale shark, dead.

PIC FROM Cater News

Florida Governor, Rick Scott, issued an executive order on Monday (August 13) declaring a state of emergency for the seven counties dealing with the deadly algae.