Michael flap-ley! Supermarket worker snaps fishing bird performing ‘river dance’

A supermarket worker has captured the moment a fishing bird appeared to perform a river dance worthy of Michael Flap-ley.

In the funny sequence of shots, the egret is holding its white-feathered wings out to the sides while daintily lifting its feet in the air as if it is doing an Irish jig.


Emma Telford, 31, was watching the egret fishing for lunch at a birding spot near her home in Leeds, West Yorks, when it decided to ‘bust some moves’.

The part-time photographer said: “I went out to photograph the egret after hearing about it on a local birding group but with wildlife photography there’s always a chance element.

“It was quite easy to spot, a big white bird in the middle of a pool surrounded by ducks.

“It was fishing although I never saw it catch anything.


“Something must have startled it but in the photos it looks like it’s busting some moves or having a dance.

“I’ve mainly had giggles from people who’ve seen the photos. I like to make people laugh sometimes with my photos.

“Funny photos are always more popular too, especially on social media. They get more likes and shares.”


As well as working nights in a supermarket full time, Emma spends a lot of time doing photography for cruise and whale watching companies.

Despite getting into photography 15 years ago, Emma only developed her love for wildlife photography three years ago.