Mesmerising time lapse footage shows the moment a spider spins its own web

PIC FROM Caters News

Watch the mesmerising time lapse footage that shows the moment a spider spins its own silver web.

Initially Mark Gildner, from North Carolina, USA, set up a camera to film a time lapse of the storm clouds rolling in, but instead was surprised to find he had actually caught the construction of a web on camera.

The impressive structure, which took 40-45 minutes in real time, was spun by a Neoscona crucifera (Spotted Orbweaver) and spanned approximately 76cm across Mark’s balcony.

As the footage progresses, small insects are captured by the web before the spiderdevours them for its dinner.

Mark said: “As I watched the first video back I wasn’t expecting to see the spider so it was a nice surprise and I was actually really excited when I saw the final outcome.

“After the first night of seeing the spider I anticipated that it might return the next evening, she must have been happy with the location, because she began construction of the web the same time as the previous evening.

“I frequently see frogs and lizards on my balcony, but this spider was a pleasant surprise.

“But sadly the web was gone when I woke up.

PIC FROM Caters News 

“According to my research, Orbweavers eat their webs at the end of the night, and re-digest the proteins so that it can spin a new web the next day.

“Which I would guess is why the spider doesn’t try to repair the damages caused by capturing its prey.

“Orbweavers aren’t an aggressive species to humans, but I was still glad she didn’t decide to use my camera as an anchor point for her web; I wouldn’t have wanted to disturb her.”