Mesmerising Multi-coloured Octopus Caught Swimming In The Depths Of The Ocean In Spectacular Hd Footage

A pair of rare multi-coloured blanket octopuses have been caught on camera during a night dive off the coast of Romblon, Philippines. 

In the incredible high-definition clip, captured on April 5, one of the octopuses puts on a vibrant light show for cameraman, Joseph Elayani, as it glides through the water shifting through the different colours of the rainbow.

PIC FROM Caters News

The rapid colour change is thought to be a reaction to the different light levels from the camera, or as a defence mechanism against would-be predators.

The blanket octopus can be seen in the video transforming from pastel blues and purples to glimmering reds and oranges. 

At the end of the footage, a second octopus also comes into view. 

It is thought to be extremely hard to capture these bizarre creatures on camera in crisp, high-definition as it is rare to come across them in the wild.

PIC FROM Caters News

“My adrenaline was so high, I could only think where the buttons were on the camera, and my fingers trembled,” said Joseph. 

“I remember when I first heard about this octopus, my great enthusiasm and encountering it in nature was a dream come true.”

“As far as I know it is extremely rare to see them in the wild,” he continued.

PIC FROM Caters News

“In fact, I think that video photography in a relatively wide lens in such good quality (4K) is unique and has not been done so far.

“I would say that maybe the behaviour when the blanket is open is to warn or to protect itself against predators and the colours accordingly. 

“I can only note when we first noticed them two octopuses swam close and their colour was more silvery”.