Mesmerising footage of deadly cuttlefish changing colour

Pic by Caters News Agency

The pretty colours might fool you, but this flashy colour-changing fish is deadly.

The flamboyant cuttlefish‘s gently changing colour will mesmerise you, but if you get too close its toxic skin is poisonous – and could be lethal.

The incredible footage was captured by scuba diving instructor Natalie Bondarenko, from Russia, during a trip to the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Natalie said: “The flamboyant cuttlefish employs complex and varied camouflage to stalk its prey.

Pic by Caters News Agency

“The normal base colour of this species is dark brown – when they are disturbed or attacked they quickly change colour to a pattern of black, dark brown or white, with yellow patches around the mantle, arms, and eyes.

“Animals displaying this colour pattern have been observed using their lower arms to amble along the sea floor while rhythmically waving the wide protective membranes on their arms.

Pic by Caters News Agency

“This behaviour advertises a poisonous nature – the flesh of this cuttlefish contains a unique toxin that is deadly.”